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Our Incredible Christmas Concert

Last Saturday, on December 19th we had two zoom recitals with our piano students. It was so much fun to perform at our online concerts! Everyone was well prepared and enjoyed participating, playing Christmas pieces for friends, relatives and other students from our studio. Traditionally, at the end of our concerts our teachers and I played interesting compositions, bringing Christmas spirit to everyone's home. Moreover, Samir and I played a contemporary piece by J. Barat "Elegy". This music had a powerful and nostalgic vibrations. The final piece of our program was our family trio. Samir, Timur and I played a well known Christmas carol "Greensleeves". Recently, I arranged this song for flute, saxophone and piano, making it sound easy and refreshing for the audience. We wish you all a very Music Christmas and hope that next Christmas we will be able to have our concerts in-person, seeing everyone's smile and hearing real applause.

Please, check the videos from our Christmas concerts below:

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