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Our Students Are Laureates of The International Competition "I Am a Musician"

My students and I were waiting for this moment for a while and now I am happy to announce the results of the 5th International Online Piano Competition "I Am a Musician" that took place in Lipetsk, Russia. More than 200 participants sent their videos from different countries as Canada, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel and USA. My students won all 1st prizes in different age groups: George Chen - elementary group, Calvin Brey - 1st Junior group, Lara Thomas - 2nd Senior group, Leila Thomas - 2nd Senior group. Moreover, our piano teacher Arthur Tang and Joshua Riley received their 1st degree diplomas for their duet in the category "Young Artist". Also, the competition's committee decided to reward me too and send me a diploma for preparation the laureates. We can't be happier with the results and wish everyone in our studio to enjoy the music path and keep showing outstanding job learning and performing new various compositions by fine composers!

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