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Our Successful Piano Group Classes

Hi everyone,

Recently, I have started to teach online piano group classes and am impressed how interesting and helpful these classes turned out to be! Students from New York, Taxes and Kentucky gathering together to share their love for music and improve their levels. I have two groups: light intermediate and advanced. It ended up being so much fun to learn material all together. We have three goals to work on with my curious students: get better at sight-reading, improv motor skills and fight stage fear. I use different books and materials to make each lesson special and uniques. I appreciate all my students and their parents who believe in the productivity of these classes and am sure they already see great results. I am pretty sure that we are stronger when we are together, smarter when we are observing each other, and happier when we are learning from somebody else's mistakes. Group lessons are our future and we are good at it! Let us know if you would like to participate in our piano group classes and we will gladly add you to our piano "family."

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