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PianissiMore Is Celebrating Graduation

Hi everyone,

I hope that everyone is ready for summer and has made big plans! PianissiMore started this summer with a wonderful tradition of celebrating our students' graduation. This year three of our students Leila Thomas, Lara Thomas and Danielle Tobias have moved on with their own paths to the world and graduated from PianissiMore. They were invited to Highland Mornings for lunch and received gorgeous presents (piano clock with crystals). I hope these gift as symbols of timeless music will remind our grads about the time they spent with us in the creative atmosphere of the studio. We couldn't be happier about their results and very proud of each of them. These beautiful souls have become students of different universities and are ready to continue music on their own. These students have become independent musicians who we are so proud of! We wish them to keep up their dreams and remember our studio as a part of their lives. We hope to keep in touch with our grads. Who knows, maybe one day they will come back to PianissiMoew as new teachers and will continue our strong and unique traditions!

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