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PianissiMore Supports Mayfield

Hello all,

As a response to the devastating destructions happened in Mayfield our studio decided to help and support those effected by this disaster. Besides sending clothes and cleaning supplies we made a monetary donation. We selected Mayfield Graves County Tornado Relief fund as the recipient. We encouraged all of our students to join us in this support. We wanted to thank the following people for making their generous contributions to Mayfield Graves County Tornado Relief fund: Kyle and Lisa Crabtree, Cathy Lally, Xituan Shang & Lijian Chen, Darren & Jennifer Brey, and Phuong Nguyen, and Gabrielle Hawkins. PianissiMore's students and teachers are hoping that with a little help and kindness we can change the world making it a better place.

If you would like, you can mail your check yourself to P.O. Box 9, Fancy Farm, KY 42039 or donate via Go Fund Me by using your credit/debit card.

You can also select another fund. Here is an article in Courier Journal in regards to that. This is the page to Go Fund Me.

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