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Piano Recital in June

On June 26th we had our unforgettable piano recitals at the First Unitarian Church. Everyone was working very hard to make it bright, professional and interesting. This time we had many beginners who performed for the first time on the real stage. Students of different ages and levels played well-known pieces of classical composers as well as contemporary compositions. Moreover, one of my students Shianne Bonham and I performed a very beautiful duet by Carl Nielson "Fantasistykker" for oboe and piano. Traditionally our teachers Sarah Martel, Ethan McCollum, Samir Kambarov and I joined the concerts at the end to perform for students and their families. Everyone was surprised by the level and variety of the pieces that were presented to the audience. We were extremely happy to see our students who brought families, friends and siblings to support them and enjoy the piano performances. Our teacher Ethan McCollum prepared his own improvisation for the left hand that impressed everyone. Sarah Martel performed a very romantic and expressive piece by Franz List "Liebestraum" showing a high professional level and variety of piano tone. At the very end of our recitals we were happy to present to our audience two of my newest pieces that I wrote to celebrate our very first post COVID in-person concerts. First composition that we performed entitled "Timelody" was written for flute, saxophone and piano. Second one "Summer Time" was written for saxophone and piano. An addition, all the performers were showered by many colorful flowers and appreciative applauses! We could not be happier with the results of our studio's work! It proved that our students and teachers are a great talented team that works hard to reach better results and higher levels! So proud of everyone!

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