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Recording Session at Our Studio

Last Saturday we recorded several pieces for oboe and piano. It was an interesting project with one of my piano students Shianne Bonham. She plays two instruments - piano and oboe and is a very dedicated student who loves music unconditionally. We recorded three compositions of different styles: Baroque - J. Handel Sonata (1st movement), Classical - Quartet for oboe and strings in F Major by Mozart (1st movement), Modern - Paul Hindemith - Sonate (1st movement). I was impressed by the quality of Shianne's performance! The program was advanced and required high level of technique and musical comprehension. The recording session took several hours and we did an awesome job, being a good team as a duet. It was my pleasure to see how my student was well prepared and shined through the music she played. I am proud to be a teacher, an accompanist and a mentor for my talented students! I wish them all to reach their goals and feel happy with the amazing world of music!

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