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New Awards

Last week was pretty successful. I played an in-person audition with my student Shianne Bonham at the Kentucky Art Center that was sponsored by "Funds for the Arts". Also, I had a chance to listen to a Senior Recital of another of my students, Maddie Bowers at YPAS. Both students have been accepted to very prestigious universities (Shianne - Vanderbilt University, Maddie - Loyola University) and are going to graduate from my studio this summer. I am very proud of them. They have been working hard for the last few years we spent together, trying to find the best way to see the beauty of piano art. The final "chord" of the last week became four awards that I received as a teacher. One letter of gratitude "For Outstanding Work as a Teacher" I received from the International Composition Competition named after Sergei Prokofiev (Russia), another was from the International Music Competition "Territory of Success" (Russia). One diploma I received from Music Teacher National Association (USA) that I was awarded for preparing Calvin Brey, the finalist of the National Composition Competition 2021. Last award was "Certificate of the Highest Teacher Level according to the European Standard" from the music competition "Territory of Success" where I was honored to be one of the judges. I am extremely happy to see the prosperity of our piano studio and great work that was paid off in many ways! Hooray to our students and teachers!

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